UNIC service

  1. Creation of legal service of organization and securing of its functioning.
  2. Full juridical support of business projects.
  3. Juridical support of the preparation and realization of investment projects including the competitive documentation.
  4. Juridical support of bargains of joint business running.
  5. Preparation and composition of any contracts including preparation of contracts with escrow agent and other secured liabilities for separate projects.
  6. Representation at the trials on the different categories of disputes, including disputes of protection intellectual rights.
  7. Creation, reorganization and liquidation of juridical persons.
  8. Examination of bargains for which it is necessary to receive agreement, permission in the organs of FAS of the Russian Federation according to antimonopoly law.
  9. Preparation of documents and Representation in organs of FAS of the Russian Federation according to antimonopoly law.
  10. Preparation and conduct of talks.
  11. Creation of legal service of organizations and enterprises, securing of its functioning.
  12. Juridical study case of sequence of operations of customer with tasks determination necessary for the goal achievement.
  13. Participation in talks.
  14. Valuation of risks in business undertakings.
  15. Preparation of expert opinions.
  16. Preparation and accompaniment of processes:
    • composition of the writ;
    • formation of legal position of the participant of the trial including composition of reasonable response on each stage of the process;
    • participation as a mediator in pre-trial dispute settlement;
    • composition of the necessary for the appeal of the rendered deeds documents;
    • preparation of other legal proceedings.
  17. Representation in relation to tax, custom and other state structures.
  18. Consultation on the problems of civil, revenue, land, business law and law of master and servant.
  19. Juridical accompaniment of bargains including bargains of acquisition of immovables.
  20. Preparation and composition of any contracts.
  21. Preparation of the necessary for the realization of activity at equity market documents.
  22. Participation in carrying out of the procedure of bankruptcy.
  23. Registration of emissive securities issue.
  24. Optimization of business processes, decrease of costs through work activity management.
  25. Development of operations management.
  26. Project administration.
  27. Logistic activities and staff management.
  28. Corporate strategy development.
  29. Corporate financing.
  30. Finance and investment process.
  31. Consulting on reorganization and restructuring.