The issue of licenses in paper form stops in 2021

A registered model in the field of licensing has been developed and proposed for consideration in the draft Federal law N 612719-7. This means that the government license no longer will be confirmed by a document, hereafter it should be confirmed by license registration entry. The relevant Federal agencies of executive authority will stop issuing licenses with accountable forms, as well as issuing duplicates and copies of such licenses. Organizations and individual entrepreneurs will be able to receive an electronic statement from the register. State fee will be set for the paper version of extract from the register.


The third phase of “capital amnesty” began on June 1, 2019

Federal Law № 110-FZ of May 29, 2019, amending the Federal Law “On Voluntary Declaration of bank assets and accounts (deposits) by individuals and Introducing Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” was published and came into force on the 29th of May, 2019.

29 may 2019 Federal Law № 110-FL of 29/05/2019 “On by natural persons and modification of separate legislative acts of the Russian Federation” was published and entered into force.

The third stage of “capital amnesty” will continue for the period of 01/06/2019 – 29/02/2020. The same guaranties as on first (01/07/2015 – 30/06/2016) and second (01/03/2018 – 28/02/2019) periods of the amnesty will be provided for natural persons using the third amnesty period service. There will be distinctive features:

  1. a) The guaranties of deeds linked with declaring controlled foreign companies will be provided to date of submission of Declaration if domiciliation of government registration international companies under the Federal Law of 03/08/2018 № 290-FL “On international companies”;
  2. b) The guaranties of deeds linked with account opening and (or) applying of money to accounts which information containing in declarations provided on the third period of the Declaration will be provided if transfer all money from accounts locating in banks out of the Russian Federation on declarant accounts in banks of the Russian Federation before submission date of declaration;
  3. c) The guaranties of deeds made place before 01/01/2019 will be provided.

Natural person can submit the Special declaration even if it declared foreign actives before on the periods of previous amnesty. Declaration form has also been changed mainly due of technical edits. The edits linked with requirements of domiciliation international company to Island Russky (Primorsky Krai) or Island Oktyabrsky (Kaliningrad region) but also with transfer money on accounts in banks of Russian Federation.


Mortgage or impounded property auctions are going to be held electronically In accordance with the project of The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (MEDT of Russia) foreclosure auction might be held only electronically. No matter if the recovery on the property was enforced through a court proceeding or under the mutual agreement of parties. Such sale will take place on electronic trading platform which operators are specified in the special list. The same conditions are going to be implemented under Enforcement Law as for realization of impounded property at public auction.  As expected the transition to electronic trading will allow more potential buyers to participate in it. Document: Draft of Federal Law «On amending separate provisions of legislative acts of the Russian Federation (as applicable to electronic tendering process)»


Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR) recommends banks and microfinance organizations (MFO) to inform borrowers of their debt burden index (DBI). Since the 1st of October in cases of granting 10 000 rubles and higher loans credit institutions and MFO are obliged to calculate DBI of borrowers-individuals. Therefore CBR recommends such organizations both to inform borrowers of abovementioned liability and to disclose them the values of DBI. Moreover, CBR recommends to request documents for calculation average monthly income from the individuals who plan to receive the above sum of money. In such case CBR informs that clients may set a list of documents by themselves. If the documents are not provided the individuals are informed of CBR’s opportunity to use Rosstat data of regional average income determined in the borrower’s place of actual location. The situation when DBI is more than 50% may affect negatively on the loan conditions. Document: CBR Information letter dated October 02, 2019 № IN-05-35/76